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At Strangford, we have four houses, which are named after islands in Strangford College. The names have been associated with the College since its inception, and were the original names of the form classes.

House Badge Mahee

Mahee House

Heads of House: Dr Murphy & Mrs McClean
House Captains: Daniel McCullough & Amy Louise Kirkpatrick

The Patron Saint of Mahee is St Colman. St Colman studied on Mahee Island, on the shores of Strangford Lough. He was a man who greatly valued peace, and so the symbol for Mahee house is the Dove. Colman was also a teacher, and he was very hard working and loved learning. Mahee students are peacemakers and always like to encourage others. They value education and work hard. They are very competitive and love to win!

House Badge Ogilby

Ogilby House

Heads of House: Mr O’Brien & Mrs Milligan
House Captains: Aidan Teer & Caitland Crockett

The Patron saint of Ogilby House is St Ultan. Ultan was a great scholar, who protected the books of his monastery when it was under attack. He understood that Education has the power to change lives and so the symbol of Ogilby House is the Book. Learning is one of the core values of Ogilby house, and Ogilby students will have a particular interest in charities that promote education in areas of the World where school is not available to all. Ogilby students are great encouragers who love to lead!

House Badge Sketrick

Sketrick House

Heads of House: Mrs Bryce & Mrs Dorrian
House Captains: Ben Arthurs & Jessica McCready

The Patron Saint of Sketrick House is St Comgall. He had intended to be a missionary, but on the advice of his leaders, decided to remain in Ireland, and he founded the Monastery at Bangor. Comgall’s Monastery sent out many missionaries and spread the Christian Message across Europe. Sketrick’s symbol is the Candle, which represents Comgall’s work to enlighten others, first at home and ultimately abroad. Sketrick students care about others. They love community and have an interest in the wider world, and other cultures. They are adventurers!

House Badge Taggart

Taggart House

Heads of House: Heads of House: Mr Gray & Mrs Patterson
House Captains: Caolan Arthurs & Neisha McCullough

The patron Saint of Taggart House is St Gall. St Gall studied at Bangor Abbey and was one of St Columbanus’ companions on his mission to Europe. Legend tells us that in Switzerland, St Gall tamed a bear, which became a companion to him. The symbol of Taggart House is the Bear. Friendship is one of the core values of Taggart House. Students in Taggart, always look out for their classmates. They are fun and fearless, and like to think outside the box. They love community and value others above themselves!